FAQ Enclosures:

How does the enclosue work?

The enclosure has solid wheels which slide on the tracks. This means it´s really easy to open and close the enclosure without using much power.

Does it help to keep my kids and animals safe?

Yes, because the enclosure comes with safety locks.

What are the bennefits of the enclosure?

Some benefits of an enclosure are safety, extending your swimming season, water purity, reduction of your costs of water treatment chemicals and water heating.

Is it possible to make a custom made enclosure ?

Yes, with our range of product it is possible to make a custom enclosure to fit your needs.

May I use the enclosure all year round?

Yes, you can use your enclosure all year round.

Can I mount the enclosure against my house wall?

Yes, we have some types of enclosure which could be mounted on the wall.

How do I open the enclosure?

You can easily open the enclosure by hand or you can choose the motorized sundrive version. The motorized sundrive version uses solar energy to open your enclosure.

How do I take care of the ALBIXON enclosure?

In winter snow should be removed from the enclosure. After winter time we recommend cleaning the enclosure with soapy water. Please don’t use any chemical products to clean your enclosure.

What could happend when the wind is very strong?

The enclosure is equipped with wind hooks so you dont have to worry about it.

Do I need a building permit for this type of enclosure?

No, you don´t need a building permit for Albixon enclosures.

Can I install the enclosure myself?

Yes, you can install the enclosure yourself. You'll receive an installation DVD and instruction manual.

What´s the difference between compact glass and twin wall polycarbonate?

Twin wall polycarbonate is made of two panes which means better insulation of the enclosure. Compact glass is made just from one pane.

What´s the minimum size of one module?

The minimum module size is 4'9". If it is a smaller module than 4'9" it could disrupt the fluent moving.

What´s the enclosure made of ?

Albixon enclosure is made of 100% safe aluminium and 100% polycarbonate.

How long does the delivery take?

Delivery takes from 7 weeks up to 10 weeks.

How long does it take to install the enclosure ?

The installation of the enclosure takes around 5 hours for two people.

What´s the warranty and guarantee of the enclosure?

All our products come with warranty. We investigate every reclamation individually.

FAQ swimming pools:

How does the pool skimmer work?

Skimmer is a device that collects dirt and sends it directly to the water filtration system where the water is cleaned by filtration technologies.

How does the overflow swimming pool work?

Overflow swimming pools are at the peak of current technology. Their advantages include water surface at the level of the pool edge, enhanced water filtration, no waves created by swimming and an exclusive appearance.

How far from the pool does the water filtration have to be placed ?

The minimum distance between pool and filtration is 1'6". Maximum distance between pool and filtration is 26'2" – 32'8".

Is it possible to install lights into the pool?

Yes, we have two options of lights. Halogen pool lights with bulb 12V / 100W and LED lights.

How do I choose the right water filtration for my pool?

The formula for choosing the right size of filtration is : Volume of the pool(m3) / 6. You should give some attention to the distance of the pool and the water filtration.

Are you able to manufacture different shapes than circle, oval and rectangle ?

Yes, our own technology allowed us to manufacture almost every shape you´ll request.

What´s the standard depth of your pools ?

You can choose from the two standard depths 3'9" and 4'9".

How often should I change the water in the pool ?

Pool water is changed by your needs. Although if your cleaning technologies are set correctly you don´t need to change the water during the year.

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