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ALBIXON 25 years experience.

Do you have an uncovered private swimming pool? ALBIXON has a solution for you. In Europe it is usual to have a swimming pool covered by a pool enclosure, which can protect your children from drowning. You can also extend the pool season due to the greenhouse effect, protect against pollution and have a higher temperature of water in your pool. Smart enclosure means simple installation.

The main advantage is quick and easy installation from the BOX at the location. Detailed step by step assembly instructions are included. Anyone can cover their own pool. ALBIXON BOX is very popular around the world due to quick delivery. It is a limited and unique edition which is available in stock. Why smart pool enclosure?






Main advantages of ALBIXON pool enclosures

  • Quality at a friendly price
  • Most popular retractable enclosure on the market
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • High stability and resistance to weather and wear
  • All modules are movable for easy storage behind the pool
  • Standard delivery in boxes (minimal risk of damage during transfer)

Enclosed swimming pool offers you many benefits.

Safety and security – covered swimming pool eliminates any danger for kids and pets in the pool area. You can easily protect the health of your loved ones.

Heat the water in your swimming pool without any additional heating systems – temperature increase is quick and costless. You can also extend the swimming season – in combination with BRILIX heat pumps you can keep convenient temperature of pool water in spring and fall.

Save a time associated with pool maintenance and reduce the amount of chemicals used for water treatment. The enclosure keeps the water in your swimming pool clean and clear.

Various types of enclosures are meeting demands of all customers – are you looking for a low profile shape or do you want to utilize inner space under the enclosure? Do you want to enclose your pool or are you looking for suitable solution for your spa? Just choose from our wide offer and enjoy all the benefits of selected product.

Just choose from our wide variety of products and enjoy all the benefits of your selection.

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